Two abstract figures in white, silver, ochre and pink on a black background. Elegant, minimalistic and small original painting.
Dreamy painting of a person wearing a dark blue mask with a bold pink lightning bold. The original art has influences of David Bowie. The back is made in pink, purple and gold tones. The figure is mostly white with pink shades.
Punk rock painting of a punker with a pink mohawk and black anarchy leather jacket. The face is gold, referring to the materialistic world we live in. Modern, abstract art.
original pink painting of a woman (or dragqueen) with a pink flamingo. modern abstract painting with white and black details.
Abstract painting showing lots of faces in purple tones.
pop art painting inspired by jeff koons' balloon dogs. The Louis Vuitton logo and bold colors (green, orange and pink spray paint) show a street art like work.
podenco dog portrait painting in bright colors.
Punk rock painting, showing a straight edge punker who's being corrupted by capitalism and and materialism. The money shows luxury brands (Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci, ...)
Abstract modern art, quirky painting, of a white figure wearing pearls.
red and black painting, blonde girl wearing a crown that has a blue eye. Feminist painting
bold painting inspired by Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), showing a bobble head with one big eye. Copper background and lila 'body'
Red and black abstract painting, hiding a textured dog portrait.
copper, beige and ochre figure with a round earring and one realistic eye. Referring to 'the girl with the pearl earring' of Vermeer.
Quirky original abstract painting, purple and beige colors.
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