I am a modern Belgian artist, who lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. My art focuses on modern society and it's (im)perfections. By using bold lines and bright colors I refer to the capitalistic world we live in.

I usually paint abstract figures which originate from bright and simple lines. Life’s often complicated and I try to eradicate these complications by working with lines and surfaces on one hand, and on the other hand, I emphasise one (or several) eyes. Modigliani made portraits of people without eyes, his subjects always turned inward, not keen on showing their inner selves and nature with the audience.Me on the other hand, try to do the opposite. In a society where social media and appearances are supreme, it’s all the more crucial to let people dwell on this. On the internet many of us try to convince the world of their so called perfect lives. Their eyes, as well as their skin, get airbrushed. That way, the soul disappears and a beautiful picture remains. With my work, I try to tell stories through eyes. It’s up to the audience to interpret the look(s) and embrace imperfections.

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